SubRosaDictum. Der Ball. 2022.

Ticktes of 2020/21 stay valid.

Back in Salzburg. At a new location, tailor-made for us. At a historic location we celebrate in Mönchsberg.
In all three areas there are air, particle, aerosol, molecular and allergy filters. The air is fed with fresh mountain air, which is finally purified with the purest, always fresh Salzburg water, achieving the highest degree of purity currently available.
And we are discreet: You can reach the event location dry-footed and completely comfortably from the Old Town Garage via a historic tunnel directly and without detours. You can also reach us via Gastättengasse, via the Mönchsberg elevator and directly from the Mönchsberg garages. It doesn’t get more central than this.


SubRosaDictum. Der Ball.


Gastättengasse 27-29
5020 Salzburg, Austria



68.00 € in advance including entertainment tax (events which are suitable to entertain or amuse the visitors are generally subject to entertainment tax in Austria).

No box office. Tickets are strictly limited.




Dress code.

Sexy. Fetish. Fancy evening dress. With style. You are an eye-catcher and co-celebrator.
Latex, leather: new.
Shiny, sparkling, lace, high heels. Corsages. Show skin.
Dom: fitted, stylish. Sub: fitted, made to fit.
Play: quite a lot
Party – absolutely: in hot.
Give everything, then you will get it back.
Show yourself.
And: evening dress in black, tuxedo or ball gown. D/S. BDSM-affine.
Uniforms. Eyecatcher. Masks. Burlesque. Gothic. Drag. Cosplay. Shiny. Lascivious. Imaginative.
No everyday or street outfits (e.g. regular business suit, shirt, t-shirt, jeans, sneakers).
No straight nudity. No ‘topless’.
No half: we want you whole.